The OMAX 80160

The OMAX 80160 JetMachining Center

Applied Waterjet Technologies

80160 Specifications

Machine Dimensions Footprint 243" x 134" 6.2 m x 3.4 m
    288” x 134” 7.3 m x 3.4 m
  Weight (tank empty) 10,000 lbs 4550 kg
  Height 144" 3.7 m
  Operating Weight (with water in tank) 35,000 lbs 15,900 kg
Work Envelope/
Cutting Table
X Axis Travel** 168" 4.26 m
  Y Axis Travel** 80" 2.03 m
  X Axis Table Size 174" 4.42 m
  Y Axis Table Size 91" 2.31 m
  Material Support Slats 4" x 1/8" Galvanized Steel 10 cm x 0.3 cm
  Maximum Supported Material Load 250 lbs/sq. ft. 1,200 kg/m2
Drive Description Closed loop, digital drives
  Brushless servo motors
  Pre-loaded ball screws, recirculating ball bearings and hardened precision ground ways
  Bridge style Y-Axis
  Optional: two cutting heads with adjustable Y-spacing
  Single cutting head
  Full Y-Axis travel for single-head operation
  Motor controlled precision Z-axis
Accuracy of Motion Over entire travel ±0.005" ±0.127 mm
  Over 1 foot travel ±0.002" ±0.051 mm
  Repeatability ±0.002" ±0.051 mm
  Squareness 0.002" per ft 0.17 mm/m
  Straightness 0.003" per ft 0.25 mm/m
  Backlash 0.0007" max. 0.018 mm
(Specifications per National Machine Tool Builders Association standard)
Speed 200 inches per minute standard (5.1 m/min)
(speed can be increased if desired)
Electrical Requirements 220-240 VAC, 60 Hz/Single-Phase
  440-500 VAC, 60 Hz / 3-Phase
  208-230 VAC, 60 Hz / 3-Phase (step-up transformer available as an option)
  International (CE): 220-240 VAC, 50Hz / Single-Phase
Pump Options 20 horsepower, 40,000 psi (Standard) 15 kW, 276,000 kPa (Standard)
  30 horsepower, 50,000 psi (Optional) 22 kW, 345,000 kPa, (Optional)
  40 horsepower, 55,000 psi (Optional) 30 kW, 379,200 kPa, (Optional)
Noise Level Below 80 dBA for submerged cutting


Custom Letters

We can produce custom letters from any material, in any size, in any font, for every requirement. Having produced over 42,000 letters for our clients, we consider ourselves well qualified to fulfill any need.

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Materials Cut

With our OMAX 80160 JetMachining Centers we can cut virtually any material. These are just a few types of material we can cut at Creative Waterjet Corp.; stainless steel, aluminum, stone, exotic alloys and many more.

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Marble, Granite, and other Flooring

Our OMAX® JetMachining® Center can be used to create designs from any stone such as marble, onyx, coral, and granite. This can be done faster, and with a greater level of detail than traditional methods.

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