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Applied Waterjet Technologies

How the abrasivejet works

Our abrasivejet pressurizes water up to 55,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and then forces it through a small diamond orifice at 2500 feet (762 meters) per second, or about two and half times the speed of sound.

Garnet abrasive is then pulled into this high-speed stream of water, and mixed with the water in a long ceramic mixing tube. A stream of abrasive-laden water moving at 1000 feet per second (305 meters/sec) exits the ceramic tube. This jet of water and abrasive is then directed at the material to be machined. The jet drags the abrasive through the material in a curved path and the resulting centrifugal forces press the particles against the work piece.

The abrasivejet's cutting action is a grinding process, but rather than using a solid grinding wheel, the forces and motions of the cutting action are provided by water.

Above courtesy of OMAX Corporation